Tips For Mixing Patio Furniture

Tips For Mixing Patio Furniture

11th Jan 2023

A patio is an excellent extension of your indoor living space. It provides the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, entertain guests, and relax. To achieve a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your patio area, it's important to get the furniture mix just right. Sure, it's easy to buy one matching set of patio furniture, but mixing and matching furniture pieces can help achieve a more creative, intimate, and unique design that truly speaks to your individual style. In fact, mixing furniture can add texture, depth, and color to your patio. Even better, you really don't have to throw that old, unique salvage chic set out as mixing and matching different sets lets you create a totally new look. Here are some tips for mixing patio furniture to achieve a perfectly collected outdoor space:

Know your layout & functionality 

Great outdoor furniture brings comfort and function to your patio or deck. Before you start shopping, it's important to decide on the type of furniture pieces that will bring your vision to life. How do you intend to use your outdoor space? Do you want to dine, lounge, or entertain? Will it be a space for morning coffee or evening drinks with friends? Knowing how you plan to use the space will help guide your furniture selection. For instance, a nice weather-proof table and chairs provide the perfect spot for a leisurely al fresco lunch. 

If you're looking to create an inviting atmosphere for lounging or entertaining, go for comfortable seating pieces such as cozy sofas, chairs, and ottomans. If you intend to use your outdoor space for some intimate personal time and relaxation, choose furniture pieces that will provide the ultimate comfort. Consider adding rocking chairs such as Portside Plantation Wicker Rocking Chair 3pc Set. These pieces are stylish, comfortable, and durable enough to withstand the elements. They will create a truly zen-like atmosphere that's perfect for unwinding.

Determine your style 

Your patio furniture can look remarkably chic and stylish, but achieving a cohesive look takes some thoughtful planning. Consider your home's exterior style and color scheme when selecting furniture. Does your house feature a contemporary design or classic architecture? Are there existing colors you would like to match or incorporate? Once you establish your style, look for furniture pieces that complement the overall aesthetic. 

If your home has a classic, timeless look, look for furniture pieces that feature traditional elements such as wicker and rattan. If your home has a more modern feel, consider selecting furniture pieces that have contemporary lines and sleek materials. You can breathe some modern, eclectic vibes into your patio with the Lakeview 5pc Conversation Set. This set features a stylish mix of materials, including a powder-coated aluminum frame and all-weather cushions that will liven up any patio or deck. Add accents like placemats, pillows, vases, or an umbrella to complete the look.

Pick your colors 

When designing our outdoor space, we often get inspiration from the glossy sections of our favorite home décor magazines. But most of the time, these looks are too perfect to be true. When it comes to patio furniture, there is no hard-and-fast rule for the exact color palette you should use. Really, it's all about creating a color-inspired mood that resonates with your taste, style, and personality. Choose colors that you're naturally drawn to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You see, the beauty of mixing patio furniture is that you can experiment with a range of colors to create the perfect outdoor space. Try incorporating natural shades like beige, grey, and blue for a classic look. Or, punch up the palette with colors like yellow, red, and green for something more modern and bright. For a bold, urban-chic look, you can go for darker tones such as black and charcoal gray. Jakarta Teak 5pc Outdoor Dining Set with Wicker Chairs is a perfect example of how you can mix colors and materials for a stylish patio look. Featuring 4 resin wicker chairs and a grade "A" Teak table, this set has a distinctively modern vibe that will look great in any outdoor space. The high-grade brass hardware and smooth sanded finish add a luxurious touch to its sleek silhouette.

Mix it up! 

With the right pieces, you can construct an outdoor oasis filled with furniture that's both stylish and functional. Take some time to plan out the look and feel of your space before you start shopping for furniture. Think about how you'll use the space, your existing colors and style, and the kind of vibe you want to create. Wicker, resin, teak, aluminum, steel-the possibilities are endless. For instance, teak and wicker create a rustic, natural look that's perfect for a traditional-style patio. For something more modern and urban, try mixing materials like steel, aluminum, and resin to create an unexpected style that's both contemporary and timeless. Our top recommendation here would obviously be the 6PC Melbourne Fire Table Sofa Set – Outdoor Wicker Sectional from Tortuga Outdoor. This exquisite set features beautiful aluminum construction, clear fire glass, a stained wood look finish, and a stainless-steel burner ring that will keep you warm and cozy on chilly nights. Remember to add a few throw pillows, a cozy blanket or two, and some outdoor lighting to your patio space for a complete look. With the right furnishings, you can easily turn your outdoor space into an inviting oasis where friends and family can gather.

Design your patio today! 

Designers and homeowners alike are turning to mix patio furniture to elevate their outdoor spaces. With the right mix of colors and materials, you can create a truly unique outdoor space that reflects your style and personality. Think about the look and feel you want to create, and then find pieces that will help you achieve it. With Tortuga Outdoor's wide range of furniture, you're sure to find something that will make your outdoor space stand out. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your patio project today and create the outdoor oasis of your dreams.