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Outdoor Comfort

When it comes to outdoor comfort, our stylish outdoor wicker swivel chairs will make any outdoor living space feel like home. Sit back and enjoy your patio rocking chairs from any angle! Relax on the furniture from your porch, deck, or patio. Get back to basics without sacrificing your comfort while enjoying a bit of fresh air in your rocking chair outdoors thanks to our wide collection of patio rocking chairs.

These rocking chairs come with a variety of choices so you can find one just right for your needs - no matter how long or short your porch or patio is or how wide or narrow your yard may be. Finally, get some time off from being on the go when you relax on one of our outdoor wicker swivel chairs.

Fresh Off The Farm

All patio rocking chairs are made from high-quality materials like smooth resin wicker that breathe natural comfort. Set up a cozy spot on your porch or patio with one of our outdoor wicker swivel chairs that are perfect for outdoor living. We offer a wide range of comfortable swivel chairs made of durable wicker furniture for supreme rocking chair outdoor décor.

Our outdoor wicker swivel chairs are built from sturdy materials like hearty all-weather wicker which is water, UV, mildew, and split resistant. Also, our cloudlike cushioning is both comfortable and fade resistant. With these durable yet lightweight materials you'll be resting easy all year long knowing your rocking chair has what it takes to hold up against the elements.

Quality Design

At Tortuga Outdoor we put a lot of thought into our designs and how they're going to hold up over time. Their designs are meant to last through all sorts of inclement weather--perfect for lounging outside on those sunny days or rocking away a storm on those cold nights.

Improve your space with a new patio rocking chair or an outdoor wicker swivel chair for your patio or deck! With so many different styles and finishes to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect fit for your home. We've designed these chairs to weather harsh outdoor elements like rain, snow, hot sun, wind, sun, and sand-meaning they'll still look great year after year.