Reasons You Will Love Coated Metal Furniture

Reasons You Will Love Coated Metal Furniture

20th Jan 2023

There are tons of objects that feature powder coating in one way or another - you'd be surprised how many of them you interact with daily! Let's take a look: you start your day cooking breakfast, and certain kitchen appliances feature powder coating. You grab your mail at your mailbox, open your car by the handle, and touch a few more powder-coated products before you get to work. That may make you wonder what powder coating is. It's an industrial powder finish applied with an electrostatic spray. In other words, it's a way manufacturers have of ensuring their products have a long-lasting finish that's corrosion, fade, and scratch-resistant. So, what’s the big fuss over powder coated furniture? Keep reading and we will discuss all the reasons why you should consider adding this type of outdoor furniture to your patio space! 

Coated Patio Furniture Is Lightweight 

Do you plan to spend a lot of time in your yard during the summer? We can bet you will! To get ready for all your exciting outdoor plans you'll want to rearrange your patio furniture (at least once) before the season begins. Arguably, the best and easiest way to do that is by adding a few smartly placed pieces of coated metal furniture! This type of patio furniture is lightweight and easy to move around, making it the go-to choice for people who love rearranging their yards. Summer is far from the only season you'll want to move your backyard furniture around: you'll probably want to store some of your favorite pieces come winter, and we know you'll want your furniture to be as lightweight as possible when the time comes. What's the best part about metal-coated furniture? You have lightweight pieces that can stand heavy weight! Take our Lakeview Modern Aluminum 4pc Outdoor Patio Sectional Set, for example: it's the perfect weather-resistant piece that comes with a fresh look. It's an elegant and modern choice for your backyard that comes with lightweight frames and comfortable cushions. 

Coated Patio Furniture Is Durable

However, don’t let its lightweight nature fool you. Coated metal backyard furniture pieces are as durable as they come! We've briefly mentioned how powder-coated furniture is fade-resistant. The furniture will keep its finish and not dry or crack for a long time thanks to that, even when exposed to sunlight. What is so important about this is that outdoor air brings moisture and even salt, two things that may very well damage ordinary patio furniture. 

 well damage ordinary patio furniture

That’s why having high quality bistro sets, outdoor chairs, and more all firmly protected is key. For instance, our Garden Rocking Chair 3-Piece Set is ideal for those who want beautiful outdoor furniture that will last for a long time, no matter what nature throws at it. You'll notice this rocking chair has a beautiful finish and a gorgeous backrest. It's easy to assemble and the perfect place to sit back and relax. 

Coated Patio Furniture Is Versatile

You'll have a hard time finding more versatile pieces than aluminum patio furniture. This type of furniture presents different choices for different tastes: from traditional picks to more modern styles, you'll find multiple designs perfect for your budget and preference. The possibilities are endless! Take a look at our Lakeview collection. It’s inspired by modern industrial style and is the go-to choice for anyone wanting an updated look. Our Lakeview Aluminum Chair and Ottoman Set is a great example of how this collection brings versatility and style together. Are you looking for something bigger? Our Lakeview Outdoor Aluminum Bistro Set has everything you need to host your next dinner: one side table, two cushioned chairs, and two cushioned ottomans - perfect for a small get-together! Plus, it features powder-coated aluminum, poly lumber, and weather-resistant fabric making it the ideal spot to enjoy your morning coffee or share an afternoon drink with that special someone. 

Coated Patio Furniture Is Stylish 

Why would you want to have something lightweight, durable, and versatile - if it's not stylish? No matter if it’s outdoor dining, patio chairs, bistro sets, or more, the furniture you choose to fill you space with should bring timeless looks and modern durability together. Take a look at our Lakeview 4-Piece Conversation Set: It's simple, stylish and has everything that you need to host a small get-together with friends or family.

There's no need for a special occasion to enjoy one of our sets. You can start the day the right way by sitting down in one of our powder-coated chairs while you take a sip from your favorite drink. The beauty of powder-coated furniture sets comes from simplicity. You don't want anything fancy that seems great but turns out to be an eyesore. You want something great and gorgeous that will continue to look that way no matter how many times you lay your eyes on it. 

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Are you ready to find your favorite coated metal patio furniture set? At Tortuga Outdoor, we can help you find the picture-perfect patio furniture for your backyard! You probably fell in love with powder-coated furniture the way we have: it's perfect for all settings, no matter if you're looking for something urban or anything more rural. It doesn't matter if you're going to host a formal party or a more casual get-together. We have the perfect furniture sets for any occasion. Do you want something to use daily, a place where you can sit back and enjoy the quiet during the morning? We have the best patio furniture sets for that too! Our company is the leader in outdoor patio furniture, and we provide pieces that can resist the elements and anything nature can throw at them. We want to give you the perfect furniture set that's aesthetically pleasing, durable, and weather-resistant. That's our mission! Visit our store to get started living your best outdoor life! Feel free to contact us if you don't know where to start.