Reasons Why You Need A Backyard Makeover

Reasons Why You Need A Backyard Makeover

5th Jan 2023

Improving curb appeal makes sense even if you have no intention of selling your home anytime soon. For the longest time, though, property owners have put a lot of emphasis on front yard makeovers and overlooked their backyards. However, that is beginning to change as they are increasingly embracing backyards as the new frontier of living space. While a great backyard should be a functional extension of your interior, you don't need costly upgrades to make it look luxurious. Even simple and creative DIY changes like stringing up some night-time lights and introducing outdoor furniture can transform your backyard. If you are planning a backyard makeover, but don't know how to go about it, this post will steer you in the right direction. We will walk you through the top reasons you need a backyard makeover while offering ideas to turn your space into a true outdoor sanctuary.

Create an outdoor space for unwinding and relaxing

Employment patterns have changed over the years. With so many people commuting to their couch for work, homeowners are turning backyards into practical home offices and workout spaces that can offer much more than your typical outdoor space.

With the right design and features, your petite backyard patio or large garden could be your daily mental go-to place. Spending some time outdoors and taking a breath of fresh air can help relax a tense mind and body. A backyard makeover will create spaces that give you a sense of relaxation, even during your most hectic weeks. You only get a few vacation days at the workplace to compensate for a year's worth of stress, but that's not enough. People are happiest when they have an even bit of effort and relaxation mixed into each day. Therefore, daily unwinding is crucial to detox from the information overload of day-to-day life. So let your outdoor space provide the ultimate relaxation escape.

Perhaps you need space for meditation, yoga, exercising, or a moment away from your little ones. Or maybe you work from your home office but want to take your work outside where you expose yourself to more fresh air and the beauty of nature. No matter the circumstance, the calmness and tranquility backyards offer might be what you, loved ones, and friends need to relax, reset, and recharge. One of the most important features to include when transforming your backyard into a welcoming retreat is outdoor furniture. The right pieces of furniture should add elegance and comfort to your space. A chair or sofa set, cushions, pillows, coffee table, side tables, planters, and rug may be all you need to create a perfect escape spot. Outdoor seating can be as stylish and cozy as furniture in your indoor living spaces - or at least an extension thereof.

For outdoor seating options that are elegant, functional, comfy, and weather resistant the Lakeview Modern Aluminum 4pc Outdoor Patio Sectional Set & Rio Vista 6pc Fire Table Sofa Set can make the perfect retreat destinations, right outdoors! These sets bring the kind of cozy atmosphere that allows for year-round relaxation. They are perfect for virtually any occasion and feature plenty of room to accommodate guests as you entertain them in a serene, close-to-nature setting. Whether it’s getting warm by the fire table’s smooth full flames when it’s cold out or hosting a cocktail party with the sectional’s spacious seating, having a set with outdoor living in mind is a must. Also, just by spending more time breathing fresh air in your perfect outdoor space you’ll have a simple, relaxing way to unwind. It’s great for both stressful workdays and slow weekend mornings alike. Whether it is sipping coffee watching the sunrise or getting lost in your favorite book, the level of comfort these seating sets provide will see you spending more time enjoying your outdoors.

Sometimes all you need in life is a little push, or in this case a swivel! With a Rio Vista Swivel Egg Chair sitting proudly on your patio you’ll have the perfect little addition that’s both unique and super comfy. With its smooth swivel motion and egg-shaped wicker design it’s ideal for quick outdoor escapes to take advantage of a beautiful day. No matter if it’s to unwind a bit when working from home, or for a cozy spot to enjoy the stars on a clear night, nothing quite beats the level of targeted relaxation this can chair bring to your outdoor space. Unless you are talking about a wicker rocking chair that is. The Portside Plantation Wicker Rocking Chair and Side Table is an excellent alternative piece of backyard furniture. It is ideal for anyone who wants to relax while adding a bit of soothing rocking motion to their patio space. Not only that, but with its classic look and sleek wicker design you’ll have a rocker set that’s not only comfortable and functional, but also has the style to make your outdoor area stand out. Incorporating outdoor furniture in your backyard makeover process can help get the most out of your outdoor space. 

It doesn't matter if you opt for an outdoor sectional sofa, fire table sofa set, a wicker swivel egg chair, or wicker rocking chair. Outdoor furniture creates a more pleasant setting for unwinding, relaxing, and taking time for yourself. It can even encourage social gatherings and entertainment on a hot, sunny day.

Make outdoor entertainment easier

It is exciting having friends over for a meal, refreshing drinks, games nights, and more. However, if you don’t quite have the space you need indoors, especially during summer, it can be hard to take full advantage of the season. When the weather gets warm, the best option is to throw open the doors and let people spread out. And there's no better place to organize fun-filled summer get-togethers, cocktail parties, birthdays and more than in your backyard space. With a backyard makeover you can create your ideal outdoor area that’s perfectly suited for whichever kind of entertainment you’re having throughout summer.

Clearly there are endless ways to furnish your outdoor space with pieces that match your specific tastes and needs, but how do you create the perfect entertainment area to begin with? Maybe all you need is to get a little creative with the storage shed. With a backyard shed from Heartland’s premium selection you can convert that cluttered garden area into a highly functional space to spend quality time with family and friends.

These are much more than your average outdoor shed. They are stylish, top-quality modern sheds or ranch sheds made specifically to be the attractive entertainment/relaxation area that you've always dreamt of. They can be for big events, family gatherings, relaxing weekend escapes, or even just extra storage. The great thing about having a Heartland shed in your backyard is that it can be whatever you need it to be. As you would expect, the market has it all, whether you need extravagant, luxurious, expensive, or a no-frills she shed. In other words, it can have simple or elaborate features as you and your budget allow. But whatever the features you choose, you are sure to have a space that’s exciting, customized, and wholly your own.

When it's time to catch a movie with friends, it doesn't always have to be at your favorite movie theater. If you don't have enough space in your house to set up a home theater, you can get that perfect movie-theater experience in a studio shed. With its ample amount of privacy and cozy home-style atmosphere you’ll have the best seats in the house! You can add several elements to your studio shed to create an environment that exemplifies being at the cinema. The wall sconces, a starlit ceiling, velvet curtains, carpets, rugs, plush chairs, and a concession/candy case will do the trick. An outdoor bar and refreshment area is also one of the desirable features of a modern backyard. Serving up drinks in a stylish modern or classic shed is sure to liven up any event and make your space feel more functional. From celebrating large family events like a college graduation or wedding reception, to smaller more personal moments like dinner parties with your closest friends, having a place for everyone to gather around is great for social events of every size.

Add value to your property

Investing in a backyard makeover almost always offers a return on investment. It will boost the value of your home and appeal to many potential buyers - that's if you're putting your home up for sale. You're likely to attract better offers, enjoy greater negotiation power, and sell your home faster. People often see value from a selling point, but a backyard makeover could still benefit current residents of a house. For instance, you could introduce elements that add a layer of protection from the sun. Or bring in features that give your property some identity or character, revealing your personality to guests. Of course, you can spruce up your backyard to create great retreat spaces that you, your family, and your friends would enjoy every other time. And when the time comes to sell, your backyard makeover investment will still pay off.

For beautiful backyard structures that boost home value, you'll want to consider a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion. Sure, these structures don't add to a property's total square footage, but they come in handy for families or individuals that crave spending time in a quiet and serene setting. For outdoor dining spaces, game nights, visits from friends, or just a place to enjoy the fresh air, these structures highlight your home’s worth with their inviting functionality. Building the trendy gazebo, pergola, or pavilion of your dream doesn't have to be challenging either. You can buy ready-to-assemble pieces from sites like Yardistry to personalize and enhance your backyard. Just pick the one you want, find the right look, and in no time, you’ll have a value-packed outdoor area that makes full use of your space.

You can elevate your gazebo or pergola and provide a welcoming feel according to your taste and preferences. Make sure to include lights, music systems, and a seating space with the right furniture. You can feature conversation-encouraging benches in your structure as well. But hold on, how much value do gazebos, pergolas, or pavilions add to a property? Real estate professionals agree investing in these structures is worthwhile, but they don't often quote a specific range in value. Before you put your house on the market, you'll want to pay attention to your outdoor structures. That modern or contemporary gazebo or pergola in your backyard could prove the ultimate deal clincher. It will make a difference, regardless of the style you incorporate. Here's why. A home buyer navigates the real estate listings, trying to envision themselves living their ideal life in a potential new home. As such, providing opportunities for personalization is one aspect you cannot afford to overlook. And a backyard gazebo, pergola, or pavilion will help score points in the process. These structures are unique and not found in every outdoor space.

Wrapping Up 

Never underestimate the power of a backyard makeover. You can create a perfect backyard retreat or a lively entertainment area for family and guests while adding value to your property. Nothing beats the feeling of sitting close to your lush garden, taking a breath of fresh air as you relax and unwind. But with the right features, you, your loved ones, and your friends can always enjoy a serene environment right in your backyard. If you can dream it, you can build it. With the right pieces filling our outdoor space you can transform a drab unused area into a purposeful, inviting space that you’ll spend time in every day. Don’t let the living stop at the backdoor. Expand your home’s horizons with a backyard makeover that’s customized exactly how you like. What are you waiting for? We can't wait to see what you come up with in your yard.