Cozy Backyard Furniture To Invest In

Cozy Backyard Furniture To Invest In

26th Jan 2023

It doesn't get any better than laying back and relaxing after a long day while the warm glow of flames fills the whole patio. It’s the kind of cozy atmosphere that only comes from having an outdoor space that’s purposeful and meets your unique style. Does that sound like the right ambiance for your outdoor space? If so, it's time to purchase a high-quality outdoor fire table! Our tables offer a level of comfort that’s hard to beat with their high standard of craftsmanship and smooth woodgrain finish. Not only that, but they bring luxury appeal to your patio in one swift warm motion. Picture this: you light up the fire and everyone gathers around your table to have a drink in the evening. The warm glow helps everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, so you all have an incredible time. Everyone has enough space to put their plates and drinks because a fire table offers it all. Are you ready to change the face of your patio? You can purchase a fire table alone or as part of a seating set. We'll talk all about it below! 

Propane Outdoor Fire Table 

We'll start our list with the basics. You might think a Fire Table alone wouldn’t be enough to liven up an entire patio space, but you’d be wrong. With a 50,000 BYU output and a stainless-steel burner ring this table can easily become the new centerpiece of your outdoor life. The smooth, full flames allow you to have a great time outdoors with family and friends even when the temperature drops. With this table sitting confidently on the patio you can enjoy an outdoor escape any time of year! Even more, it creates the ideal atmosphere for a romantic evening with that special someone or a quiet spot to enjoy your morning coffee. This pit comes with a fire bowl lid, a clear fire glass, and a cover for extra protection. It's a fantastic piece that looks well on its own - and even better when you pair it with one of our patio sets, which you'll read about below. That's right: we have plenty of options for you to pick from and place in your backyard.

Rio Vista 6pc Fire Table Sofa Set (Sandstone) 

You deserve the best - and so does your patio. That’s why we’ve paired our fire table with a number of our most popular Rio Vista pieces to create the ultimate cozy combo! For instance, the Rio Vista Fire Table Sofa Set comes with an all-weather wicker sofa, two wicker chairs, two wicker ottomans. All of these pieces bring something new to the patio and perfectly complement the table. Enjoy those fine mornings where you can sit back and relax while you read your favorite book or slowly sip coffee from your mug with our weather-resistant wicker, fade-resistant fabric, and powder-coated frames. We still have to talk about the best part: the fire table. You'll be comfortable and cozy while you enjoy your mornings and evenings thanks to this set. Bring this set to your patio today and instantly make your home more comfortable, inviting, and functional! 

6pc Melbourne Fire Table Sofa Set - Outdoor Wicker Sectional

Is the cold weather stopping you from enjoying your outdoor space? That will be a thing of the past when the Melbourne Fire Table Sofa Set is taking center stage on your patio! You’ll be able to relax any time of the year thanks to our customizable wicker sectional and fire table! The sectional can be arranged and rearranged to fit every occasion, from friends and family coming over to a more intimate time with anyone you want. It doesn't get any better when your backyard has this set waiting for you!


5pc Rio Vista Fire Table Chat Set

Want something with a little more relaxing motion? We can make that happen with our 5pc Rio Vista Fire Table Chat Set! This wonderful set mixes modern elements like smooth swivel motion with a cozy feel, providing the opportunity to brighten up any space with comfort and flexibility. It comes with powder-coated steel frames, weather-resistant wicker, and a beautiful sandstone color. This set features four wicker swivel chairs that can be switched around to fit any seating arrangement. Combine that with the coziness of the fire, and you'll have enough comfort that'll last a long time! The hard part will be wanting to stand up and go back inside. 

7pc Melbourne Fire Table Sofa Set - Outdoor Wicker Sectional

Are you looking for a customizable set with some real stand-out style? Look no further! Our 7pc Melbourne Fire Table Sofa Set features all the same versatility and coziness as the six piece, but with even more room to relax! You can arrange and rearrange every piece to fit any space and occasion. The result is often the same: the weather-resistant wicker and plush cushions provide comfort and good looks. This model comes with a cozy fire table to top it all off. The flames will help you relax as it provides an amazing view. 

Rio Vista 7pc Fire Table Sofa Set (Sandstone)

Do you want to live your best outdoor life? We suggest adding our Rio Vista 7pc Fire Table Sofa Set to your backyard to make that happen. In this design, modern elements meet a classic homely style that turns your backyard into an inviting space for friends and family to have fun year-round. Because it comes with powder-coated frames, weather-resistant wicker, and fade-resistant fabric, this set will look brand-new no matter how much use it gets or the time of the year. 

Get a Fire Table Set Today!

Have you fallen with one of our propane fire tables yet? It'll be the best addition you can make to your backyard! We invite you to shop around and see which model you love most. If you have any trouble picking one, make sure to contact us, so we can sort out any issues you have. So don’t wait to start enjoying your outdoors. See how much of a difference investing in cozy outdoor furniture can make today!