What to Know About Resin Wicker Furniture

What to Know About Resin Wicker Furniture

21st Sep 2023

Do you want to transform the look and feel of your exterior with an outdoor patio set? Are you looking for cozy and inspiring furniture to impress your neighborhood and guests? If yes, look no further and explore the great collection of Tortuga Outdoor's wicker resin furniture.

Resin wicker is a great material to give off a rustic, cozy feel while still maintaining it’s like-new appearance. Keep reading to learn more about resin wicker furniture and how to make it work for your space.

About Wicker

Wicker is a common choice for outdoor furniture. The material mimics rattan from reeds, vines, and palm stems but has downsides. In brief, wicker is a weaving technique that intertwin lengths of synthetic and natural material to create furniture.

Wicker is more susceptible to damage. With weather elements and regular wear and tear standard wicker furniture might be impacted significantly quicker than other sets. We can imagine how your outdoor patio will appear when the sofa set has visible signs of weather damage. The worst part is that there is no fix for those damages. Luckily, that’s where our resin wicker material comes in handy.

About Resin Wicker

Resin wicker is an innovative material that can address all the concerns and disadvantages you experience with regular wicker. The polyethylene-based resin wicker used in our furniture is far more durable and easier to maintain. Your outdoor sofa can last up to ten times longer with resin wicker. More importantly, the outdoor elements will not impact the aesthetics, and you can refresh the look and appeal with minimal maintenance. Here are a few reasons that make resin wicker one of the most preferred choices for outdoor seating.

The durability of resin wicker makes it perfect for exterior settings, as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. This material can withstand rain and other weather elements and serve you for a long time. The material can hold up despite the weather’s abuse.

Resin wicker can last ten times longer than traditional rattan furniture. The best part is that you can expect maximum longevity without spending on maintenance and repair. The manufacturing process of the resin wicker also contributes to its longevity.

Tortuga Outdoor uses resin wicker made from polyethylene, cut into thin strips, and then woven for furniture making. The manufacturing process makes the end product weather-resistant and super durable, and your furniture can withstand UV rays and moisture.

Advantages of Resin Wicker Furniture

Durability Redefined: Resin wicker features exceptional resistance against cracking, deterioration, and fading. The material and manufacturing process makes your furniture durable and weather-resistant. The color of your furniture will not flake or fade when exposed to rain or snow. These qualities are essential for outdoor furniture since they get exposed to harsh weather and other outdoor elements. In brief, wicker resin is perfect for diverse weather conditions, including rain and sun.

Maintenance Simplified: Resin wicker requires minimal maintenance. You can wipe your outdoor sofa with mild dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth to retain the new look and maintain its aesthetic appeal. You can also vacuum your furniture or use a garden hose to rinse it off. Additionally, follow the storage instructions during off-season periods to avoid dirt exposure.

Style and Versatility: The resin wicker furniture pieces are available in extensive patterns, styles, and colors. You will have an inspiring outdoor furniture collection to peruse here on our website. More importantly, you will have customizable options. You can add cushions and complementary accessories based on your preferences.

We have furniture for all weather conditions, and you can have the best outdoor patio set for hail storms, humidity, intense heat, and extreme cold. The material will hold in harsh climates and weather and fit into other outdoor elements. You can have a sofa or loveseat in different colors to fit in with a specific outdoor setting.

Nurturing Your Resin Wicker Investment

Establishing Effective Cleaning Routines: As mentioned earlier, wicker resin is easy to upkeep. However, you must address the spots and dirtiness to maintain the look. You can dry your furniture quickly after rain or snowfall. The material is water resistant, but the cleaning will be easier once you dry it up immediately. Additionally, you can clean it with a damp cloth or garden hose when you see visible dust and dirt over your furniture. Otherwise, the dirt deposits might cause stains and impact the overall look of your furniture.

Tackling Spills and Stains Strategically: Whenever you notice any stains or spills, address them immediately. Use a damp cloth or soapy sponge to remove the spills. Use mild soap when you see any spots on your furniture. You can clean it quickly when the stain is wet. Rub it gently to clean residues.

Performing Seasonal Maintenance: Every piece of furniture will have some maintenance requirements that you need to follow to achieve maximum durability. Your wicker resin outdoor patio set is no exception. Follow the instructions and perform the seasonal maintenance rituals without any exceptions to make your furniture durable, stylish, and aesthetically appealing.

Design Inspirations with Resin Wicker Furniture

Creating Inviting Outdoor Lounge Retreats: Wicker resin can be perfect for creating an inviting lounge retreat where you can relax and sit back to enjoy your outdoor space. The versatile material will add a unique charm, and you can consider a pop of color to make the space more inviting. A cozy outdoor patio set can transform the space into an ideal outdoor retreat, and you can have fun with your family and friends.

Crafting Elegant and Cozy Dining Escapes: You can also use wicker resin to make your dining space more versatile and functional. This weather-resistant material can create a cozy setting for your entire family.

Elevating Poolside Aesthetics with Functional Style: Tortuga Outdoor will have customization options to add to your poolside furniture to enjoy summer days with a lot of relaxation and fun.

Fusing Resin Wicker with Other Material Combinations for Unique Ambiance: Resin is versatile and can be the best fit for different settings. We offer resin wicker for every furniture type, including side tables, couches, seating sets, and outdoor patio sets. All these will add charm and beauty to your space. Tortuga Outdoor furniture combines the elements of comfort, functionality, versatility, and aesthetics to make your indoor and outdoor stylish and cozy. You can add these pieces to other furniture sets to make your outdoor exceptional.


Resin wicker is easy to maintain and perfect to create an inviting outdoor seating or dining area. With a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns, you can find an indoor or outdoor furniture piece that fits your style and meets your requirements.

Check out or resin wicker furniture items and find furniture that can transform the look of your exterior and motivate your family to spend more time with nature.

Tortuga Outdoor can enhance the look of your outdoor space with high-quality, durable, beautiful, and versatile furniture peices. Visit our Collections page and create your cozy and inviting outdoor retreat. Add different elements to bring life to your space, and enjoy it throughout the year!