Tips for Taking Great Photos on Your Tortuga Outdoor Furniture

Tips for Taking Great Photos on Your Tortuga Outdoor Furniture

8th Dec 2023

As a trusted brand in outdoor living for over ten years, Tortuga Outdoor creates beautiful, high-quality patio dining sets, outdoor sofas, outdoor tables and chairs, and other poolside furniture designed to withstand the elements. We build our garden chairs, loveseats, bar sets, and more from weather-resistant materials like powder-coated wrought iron, all-weather wicker, and sustainably sourced teak wood. Form and function blend seamlessly across our collections for pieces that endure seasons outdoors and facilitate precious moments with family and friends.

Here we provide tips and techniques for taking stunning photographs while lounging, dining, and relaxing in your personal oasis outfitted by Tortuga Outdoor furniture. Great shots capturing laughs around the fire pit on a deeply cushioned outdoor sofa or your kids' concentration as they work on homework at the patio table make enduring memories. But proper planning takes your photography skills up a creative notch! Follow our guidance on lighting, composition, props, and more for frame-worthy photos that showcase gorgeous furnishings and beautiful landscapes.

The Outdoor Photography Essentials

Before diving into shot options and angles, prioritize optimal lighting for brilliant images. Natural illumination enhances the depth, color, and texture of Tortuga Outdoor's high-quality constructions, like powder-coated aluminum frames, polyethylene synthetic wicker, and lush built-in seat cushions.

  • Schedule sunrise photo sessions to harness warm early morning rays that cast a diffuse golden glow over your outdoor living space. The low angle creates long, dramatic shadows, adding depth and dimension to poolside furniture scenes.
  • Late afternoons just before dusk provide equally flattering evening light. Draw sheer curtains on canopy daybeds or gazebos to further filter hues for a nostalgic film-like quality.
  • Overcast days offer wonderfully diffused light, perfect for capturing true tones without harsh shadows or squinting subjects. It seems counterintuitive, but clouds actually soften illumination, so colors, textures, and details show clearly.
  • For super sharp shots, photograph on sunny days when brightness is at its peak. Find areas with indirect light rather than direct rays to avoid overexposed glare and washed-out patio furniture.

Use the Tortuga Outdoor website's photo gallery for endless inspiration on both lighting and composition. Identify angles, patterns, balance, and framing that catch your eye, then replicate those elements in your own space.

Preparing Your Outdoor Space

Before gathering families or friends for an afternoon photoshoot, take time to curate a polished ambiance so the scene steals the show. Think through aesthetics just like organizing an Instagram-worthy picnic.

  • Clear porch, patio, or poolside areas of clutter, spent sparklers from the last bash, and other distracting items not enhancing the vibe. All eyes should focus on the gorgeous Tortuga furniture in this frame!
  • Arrange outdoor sofas, dining sets, bistro tables, and patio chairs purposefully to highlight shapes, textures, and sleek silhouettes. Play with heights, depth, and pops of color from throw pillows or ceramic planters.
  • Wipe down surfaces with gentle cleaners and position seats just so. Keep it looking casually chic, like a magazine spread, not rigid.
  • Weave greenery throughout, like flowering potted plants, olive trees in oversized containers or wreaths on fencing. Display outdoor wall art and string festive lighting overhead.

The right ambiance converts a plain patio into an outdoor oasis! Use little touches to elevate the scene, then capture the essence through spectacular photography.

Composing Your Shots

Before clicking the shutter, carefully survey your scene through the viewfinder, seeking angles that highlight Tortuga Outdoor furnishings best.

Use surrounding environmental elements to frame and enhance the main subject. Some examples include shooting through vines dangling from a garden trellis, underneath patio umbrella pineapple finials, or behind the cutout pattern on garden chairs. This storytelling effect adds depth.

Interesting Perspectives

The world looks vastly different, shooting from varied vantage points. For unique shots, position the camera very low with a wide lens, almost touching the ground and aiming upwards. Or perch on an elevated deck aiming down over the railing onto the scene below. Get creative seeking angles that highlight the graceful curves, elegant lines, and exquisite details of Tortuga's furniture from unexpected yet complementary viewpoints.

With mindful shot framing and attention drawn to striking silhouettes guaranteed to impress design enthusiasts, your images showcase both stunning creative vision and functionally stylish centerpieces built by Tortuga's master artisans.

Who's in the Photo?

While "empty chair" shots have an artistic flair when thoughtfully staged, nothing beats a bustling patio or poolside filled with family, friends, and real unscripted moments. The memories made during impromptu dance parties or clumsy attempts to balance a precarious stack of s'mores around the fire bring priceless joy looking back.

Set your camera or phone onto a mini tripod, stack guidebooks on a side table, or prop on the outdoor sofa arm to snap steady shots on a timer when the spontaneous magic unfolds. No one remembers or cherishes posed forced smiles but authentic emotion and connections.

Utilizing Your Surroundings

While Tortuga Outdoor furniture steals the spotlight, thoughtful placements of complementary props enhance the aesthetic even further, demonstrating endless design possibilities. Mix and match colors, patterns, and textures for visually pleasing palettes. Recurring motifs also subconsciously please the eye. Think beyond the furniture itself to vignettes that relay a story or feeling. Embrace surrounding nature, artwork, and decor as supporting actors in this film, leaving lasting sensory impressions.

Seasonal Photography Tips

Outdoor living spaces morph through seasonal shifts as brilliant fall foliage erupts then fades, leaving behind skeletal branches or as lush summer blooms give way to quiet winter hibernation. Capture the ever-changing personality.


Budding greens, pastel blossoms, and warm sunshine bring the promise of longer days outdoors, enjoying Tortuga patio furniture again soon.

  • Contrast powder-coated aluminum frames and all-weather wicker against explosively colorful tulips and daffodils.
  • Coordinate Easter egg hunts on freshly manicured lawns, then capture family relaxing with citrus spritzers under the glowing late afternoon light.


The heat is on! Slip into breezy linen dresses, then make your own cotton candy clouds while kids chase fireflies late into the evening.

  • Crisp whites and ocean blues enhance a poolside cabana scene with pops of brightness from striped cushions atop deep-seated outdoor sofas.
  • Create festive summer vibes with bright paper lanterns, sunflowers in painted terra cotta pots, and splashes of coral and turquoise decor. Then shoot friends laughing with abandon to the soundtrack of classic rock thumping through weatherproof outdoor speakers.


Don oversized sweaters and settle onto textured throws with steaming mugs of apple cider with cinnamon sticks perched on the rim. Gaze together at the fiery foliage display before leaves descend onto rain-soaked grass.

  • Truly embrace the essence of fall using natural elements like wispy dried hydrangea blossoms, mini pumpkins, and gourds clustered on stair railings or steps, and dramatic maple leaves collected on tabletops like confetti.


Frosted evergreens draped in crystalline icicles beside crackling fires - the atmosphere oozes comfort. Share heartfelt moments and fluffy blankets.

  • Style your covered patio or pergola hung with clear holiday string lights and fresh evergreen garlands into a winter retreat, then document precious family memories. At the same time, snow silently falls outside the protective barrier.


We hope these photography tips inspire you to get out there and create magic with your high-quality, enduring Tortuga Outdoor furniture as your muse. With built-in quality backed by warranties and weather-resistant materials suited for life outdoors, Tortuga transforms backyards into sanctuaries for precious moments. Check out our selection of outdoor furniture today and get inspired!