Nautical Inspiration for Your Space with Tortuga Outdoor

Nautical Inspiration for Your Space with Tortuga Outdoor

25th Aug 2023

Ever dream of being by the coast year-round? We’ve all been there. Luckily Tortuga Outdoor has the solution! With quality products you can touch up your patio or backyard furniture and give it hints of sunny, breezy, coastal flavor with a few simple touches. In this piece, we'll explore how Tortuga Outdoor furniture can help you transform your little spot of peace and quiet into a welcoming oasis of calm and relaxation that evokes the luxury, comfort, freedom, and leisure of the nautical lifestyle.

Let's dive right in.

Exploring the Nautical Aesthetic

If you were to ask ten people about their dream vacation, it's a likely bet that nine of them will give answers that involve the beach. There's a good reason why we're all so obsessed with the ocean and nautical living - it's the ultimate representation of serene relaxation and worry-free living. These are the reasons that make nautical-themed outdoor furnishing such a popular choice.

Achieving this within our outdoor spaces might seem like a long stretch, but with some imagination and know-how, it's well within your reach. You'll need to remember the visual elements that make us think of the beach, and open seas, which include striking whites, shades of blue, soft greens, vibrant yellows, natural textures, marine motifs, neutral beiges, and so on.

As we'll explore further, there are various furniture items, accessories, and decorative touches you can incorporate into your grand design to achieve your desired coastal aesthetic.

You have all the freedom in the world to add your personal touches to enhance the overall effect according to your tastes and preferences, but these are the essential guides. The idea here is to bring the serene sense of being away from the stresses of day-to-day life and make your yard or patio a place to enjoy a few moments of peace, quiet, and freedom.

Transforming Your Outdoor Space

The first thing you'll need to do as you strive to create a cohesive, nautically themed outdoor space is pick out your primary furniture items. These pieces will set the tone for the area, so they should not be out of sync with your vision. We happen to have an extensive range of beautiful lounge chairs, dining sets, accessories, and more. All you'll need to do is remember your color scheme (blues, white etc.) and pick out what works for you and in the space you have in mind!

For example, the Sea Pines 5pc Wicker Dining Set will work best in a setting with the space to incorporate some natural elements, even if it's just a couple of potted plants. It will be a stunning spot for brunches and dinners.

Don't be afraid to incorporate natural materials into your furniture options. Tortuga Outdoor also provides a wide array of wicker and teak furniture, such as the Indonesian Teak Sofa Set, which can give you a place to lounge around for a relaxing evening. The set comes with its iconic sun cushions.

You can accentuate the colors of your chosen lounge set by bringing in additional cushions, throw pillows, rugs, and other accessories in some of the ocean-inspired colors we mentioned earlier.

A large part of people's fear of using natural materials for outdoor furniture is their durability or perceived lack of it. Rest assured that Tortuga Outdoor furniture is designed to go the distance with minimal maintenance or worry. Aside from the occasional dusting or wipe down, you can expect our outdoor seating sets to withstand the elements come rain or shine.

Creating Nautical Elegance

One of the most appealing aspects of nautical living is its freedom. How we arrange our furniture is included here - while certain rules apply when setting up dining sets or sofa sets in our homes, you’re free to do as you please outdoors! If you go for the Rio Vista 5pc Fire Table Chat Set, for example, nothing stops you from adding a rocking chair for those nights when you want to cozy up to the fire pit with a good book.

That's not to say that company isn't welcome when you go for the beachside theme. A nautical theme is ideally suited for company, so don't worry about hosting your family and friends. With a set such as the 7pc Melbourne Deep Seating Sofa Set, you can enjoy the carefree relaxation of the oceanside lifestyle with a few lucky guests. This is a sectional wicker set, so you can host different gatherings, from birthday parties to couples' nights, without the fear of making anyone feel out of place.

Whatever you choose to go with, remember that you can significantly affect the overall impact of your furniture by picking out the right colors for your cushions, throw pillows, plants, side tables, etc. Here's a quick look at how different colors work to inspire a coastal feel in any outdoor environment:

Striking White: White patio furniture is a classic of coastal furniture that summons visions of bright sandy beaches while pairing well with other colors. White wicker pieces and striking pillows make your space calm, cheery, and light.

Shades of Blue: Blue is the universal hue of the ocean, the ultimate symbol of coastal life.

Soft Green: Key lime green and teal are go-to options for nautical furniture, and you can't go wrong with white-and-green striped cushions and throw pillows for your patio sets to give you the ultimate beachside feel.

Vibrant Yellow: A day at the beach wouldn't be the same without a touch of sunlight to liven things up, making hints of yellow decorations and accessories an excellent idea for this theme. You can never go wrong with a yellow rocker on your porch for a simple yet effective decorative option.

Materials In Your Nautical Haven

Tortuga Outdoor furniture is designed to give you decades of quality time spent outdoors! Here’s a look at some of our materials and how they work for your nautical theme.

Teak:Teak is a tropical hardwood native to Southern Asia. As a building material, teak is highly valued, especially for products that need to withstand the elements (like outdoor furniture). The natural oils in teak act as a preservative, giving the wood a beautiful, long-lasting finish. All our teak products bear the Legal Wood stamp, ensuring the materials were harvested in accordance with international laws and sustainability practices.

Resin Wicker:The term wicker refers to a process of weaving material in order to construct a particular product. Traditionally, wicker was made from rattan such as reeds, vines, and palm stems. Unfortunately, these materials can break down over time, especially when they’re constantly exposed to the elements. Our furniture is constructed using resin wicker that’s made from polyethylene. This means our furniture can last up to ten times longer than outdoor furniture made from traditional rattan.

Powder Coated Steel:If strength & affordability are your priorities, you may want to consider outdoor furniture made with steel frames. Powder coated steel provides adequate protection against all most forms of weathering but can still rust if moisture is able to penetrate the frame. Steel furniture is best used on covered porches and patios.

Final Thoughts

Developing a nautical theme for your outdoor spaces can be an exciting and satisfying endeavor that will offer you plenty of enjoyment if you have the right direction and options. As long as you keep in mind the tips we've outlined in this piece, which include picking the right furniture for your space, incorporating the color schemes that represent beachside living, being adventurous in your selection, and keeping your furniture looking its best, you won't have any trouble.

There's much to be said about coastal living, making it an appealing decor option. A nautical theme can contribute to relaxed stress levels, which correlates directly to better health. Lower stress translates to reduced blood pressure, reduced risks of heart disease, increased happiness, decreased risk of stroke, and much more. Aside from these personal benefits, creating such a space on your property will help foster stronger social ties with family and friends through the happy gatherings you can have there and will help give your loved ones a stronger connection to nature in an everchanging world.

All you need to do is visit Tortuga Outdoor and make the first step toward recreating the unmatched serenity, ease, and luxury of beachside living with the best patio furniture available today. Check out our collection and get creative! Anchors away!