How to Incorporate Your Outdoor Space Into Your Mental Health Routine

How to Incorporate Your Outdoor Space Into Your Mental Health Routine

13th Dec 2023

Experts overwhelmingly confirm spending regular restorative time outdoors surrounded by nature dramatically reduces stress while boosting moods. The very act of basking under warm sunlight, easing tightened muscles, or listening to birdsong against a gentle breeze profoundly recharges mental clarity.

Here is some inspiration for transforming your outdoor living space into a personal mental health oasis using durable, weather-resistant outdoor furniture sets from Tortuga Outdoor.

The Benefits of Outdoor Living

Greater Vitamin D Absorption: Sunlight spurs the production of this crucial vitamin-regulating hormone that lifts moods. Deficiency links to depression, especially in winter. Catching a few daily rays gives the gift of happiness.

Stress Relief: Negative ions emitted from environments like forests, gardens, mountains, and water trigger biochemical reactions that increase serotonin production, immediately calming nerves. Anxiety and irritation fade away.

Better Sleep: Outdoor light exposure, specifically morning sunlight, helps regulate healthy circadian rhythms, resulting in higher-quality sleep and daytime alertness. Tossing and turning diminishes.

Increased Energy: Japan's century-old tradition of "Shinrin-yoku" or "Forest Bathing" confirms that spending mindful time immersed in nature significantly boosts vitality and feelings of renewal lasting over a week. Even 20 minutes outside changes everything.

Outdoor Yoga: Finding Serenity on Your Patio

What better place to salute the sun than beneath wide-open skies? Create a personal sanctuary right in your backyard oasis with patio sectionals outfitted for optimal comfort and support during seated poses or inversions. The sturdy square frames from Tortuga Outdoor remain firmly grounded even when flow sequences turn dynamic.

Tips for Practicing Outdoors

  • Choose shaded spots during peak sun hours to prevent overheating
  • Place non-slip yoga mats on hard surfaces for stability
  • Hydrate well before and after
  • Have blankets nearby if temps drop
  • Secure hair back from the face to prevent distraction
  • Play relaxing background music if desired

Embrace the restorative power of pairing outdoor living with this ancient wellness practice for revitalizing a profound mind, body, and soul.

Morning Rituals: Coffee, Tea, and Breakfast

Tortuga Outdoor's garden chairs and dining sets create the perfect perches for tuning into nature's daily rebirth at dawn. Constructed from weather-defying materials like powder-coated wrought iron, synthetic rattan, and sleek teak wood planed smooth, the sturdy tables and seating withstand exposure while staying warm against the skin, even on crisp mornings.

Savor your first sip of morning coffee or have your favorite breakfast foods at a relaxed pace without worrying about spills on our easy-to-clean tabletops as sunlight filters through the trees and this outdoor space gives you the freedoms that indoor life doesn’t provide. This is a great way to incorporate your outdoor space into the everyday. Make it a point to enjoy the fresh air every morning. You can enjoy breakfast outside, rain or shine, with our covered pergola sets!

Nature Journaling: Connecting With The Outdoors

Recording thoughts, aspirations, and daily observations within pages not confined by neat lines or word counts liberate creativity, allowing inspiration to meander freely.

Tortuga Outdoor’s modern yet comfy bar sets are made for mingling and sharing stories with a table present. Establish a 5-minute routine of jotting impressions and make sure you date entries as pages slowly compile into treasured anthologies full of life's nuances easily overlooked without dedicated pauses.

Mindfulness and Meditation Outdoors

While indoor spaces like noise-proof bedrooms certainly provide effective backdrops for reflection or breathwork, open skies literally expand mental horizons and lung capacity exponentially. Cool grass tickling bare feet keeps presence anchored in each step's sensation when slowly meandering winding garden pathways. Unobstructed views stretch focus, unlinking stiffness that accompanies stagnation.

Head outdoors and situate comfortably in Tortuga Outdoor lounge chairs or curved sofas with thick padded cushions that adapt to body contours. Rest palms gently on knees with eyes softly closed, then inhale deeply and exhale completely. Tune ears towards sounds surrounding. Block nothing out; instead, let the living backdrop guide rhythm. Repeat affirmations with each cycle. Peace enters on its own.

Organizing Outdoor Activities

Shifting focus away from ever-buzzing devices toward creative hands-on projects made enjoyable surrounded by nature's inspiration reconnects minds, bodies, and senses in profound ways technology can't replicate. Activities like painting, reading epic novels cover-to-cover, penning old-fashioned letters through languid afternoon sunlight, or stargazing after moonrise as owls hoot gently in the distance offer therapeutic benefits rebalancing overly digital-dominated routines.

Outdoor Hobby Ideas

  • Birdwatching & Recording Sightings
  • Growing Culinary Herb Gardens
  • Nature and Wildlife Photography
  • Painting Inspired Landscapes
  • Crafting Handmade Journals
  • Practicing Tai Chi on Grass
  • Playing Instruments or Listening to Music
  • Stargazing at Night/Making S'mores with our Outdoor Firepit 

Group these restorative activities conveniently around Tortuga Outdoor's patio chat sets, oversized outdoor sofas dressed in weatherproof polyester cushions, or sturdy wood dining tables flanked by storage benches. The durable constructions withstand years outdoors, protecting precious personal renewal moments.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Mental Health Routine

Consistency proves essential when cultivating healthy rituals fortifying total well-being. By devoting designated pockets of time to connecting with yourself and utilizing comfortable, durable outdoor furniture sets, you have a better chance of beating that seasonal depression.

Through each annual life cycle circling back around, Tortuga Outdoor's collections endure, supplying peaceful spaces beckoning souls outdoors, keeping perspective wide and wonder ever-present no matter the challenges faced indoors.

Conclusion: Nurturing Mind and Soul

Sanctuary, connection, raising mental clarity, and restoring emotional reserves; unplug and tap into natural world that’s just a few footsteps away. Embrace Tortuga Outdoor's stunning range of handcrafted weatherproof garden chairs, dining sets, deep-cushioned sofas, and sectionals guaranteed to uplift outdoor living spaces with comfort and style for years. Their unmatched craftsmanship withstands all of nature's changes and seasons while facilitating treasured moments spent nourishing innermost selves with each inhale, then exhale once more. Discover true peace surrounded by open skies overlooking lovingly trees that stood long before and will remain long after. This is how sanctuary feels.