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Outdoor Storage Box

Create a better, more tidy outdoor life for your patio with this collection of classy outdoor wicker storage boxes! Your outdoor furniture is important, and you need a way to safely store all your patio accessories in a place that’s both functional and stylish. With these outdoor storage boxes you can have the best of both worlds.

Storage Solutions Are a Must

When you want to store your cushions and other patio furniture accessories, you simply must add an outdoor storage box. With the right patio furniture with storage you can transform a cluttered patio into a neat, inviting space that’s as organized as it is stylish. They are just right for when you have extra pillows, blankets, candles and more that need a sturdy, dry place to be stored. When you have company over an outdoor storage box makes getting the patio ready easy since all your accessories can be just a few steps away.

Storage Boxes As Secret Hide-A-Ways

Outdoor wicker storage is great for more than just patio furniture accessories. You can also use them to store kids' toys or even pool accessories. Have a nice pool but no place to store your towels or pool noodles? With an outdoor storage box you can be ready for those spontaneous swim days with a friend or your kids and have everything you need stored neatly by the poolside.

If you are a keen gardener, add a wicker outdoor storage box to your garden for storing tools and plant pots. All our storage boxes are waterproof which makes them perfect for storing garden tools. You can even keep your seed stash in them.

Getting Creative

If you don't have room for a table as well as a storage box, you can use the box as a table. Place it in the middle of your patio furniture set, put a tablecloth on it if you like or a plant. In minutes, you will have somewhere to put your drinks and snacks. When you want to enjoy your patio in the evening, you can put a couple of candle holders on it with citronella candles that keep any nasty insects and bugs away.

Whatever your outdoor storage needs, choosing any one of our high-quality outdoor storage boxes will be the right choice. Since each box is made from durable all-weather resin wicker you can rest easy knowing that your storage will stay completely safe no matter the season. Your patio deserves the best. So don’t hesitate to go with the best option for your patio furniture with storage.