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Coated Metal Outdoor Patio Set

Sturdy, modern, timeless. These are just a few ways to describe this beautiful collection of coated metal outdoor patio sets. Made to bring contemporary style right to your patio these pieces are just the thing you need to give your outdoor space a modern edge.

Is Coated Metal The Right Choice For My Patio?

When you have a more contemporary patio, you should consider opting for metal-coated furniture. The choice of metal coated outdoor furniture is just as varied as it gets and with so much built-in style there is sure to be a piece that fits anyone’s aesthetic. No matter if your patio is more reserved or highly modern, these are some of the best patio furniture pieces because they easily blend with existing styles.

Sectionals, Sets, & More

Wide Sectionals - Have a lot of unused space? Try one of our contemporary grey outdoor sectionals. These are perfect for giving your patio spaces the functionality they need to become lively social spaces. For family get-togethers during the holidays, summer cocktail parties with friends, or for relaxing weekends with your kids, these are the kind of furniture pieces that are ready for social events of any kind. Plus, they bring that signature updated look right to your home and make it even more inviting!

Tailored Sets - For a more personal touch you can’t go wrong with any of our multi-piece outdoor patio sets. From the industrial inspired Lakeview family of items to the classier Garden rockers, these sets offer the freedom to enjoy your patio the way you want to. Be it mid-day coffee breaks from work, outdoor escapes with your favorite book, or slow afternoons watching the sunset with your significant other, having the best patio furniture right outside is essential for taking full advantage of your outdoor life.

Stylish Additions - If you already have a furniture set you love but just need a single piece to round out your space, you’re in luck. Whether it’s a patio chair, ottoman, side table, or a rocker, you’ll find the best patio furniture single pieces to accent your outdoor patio set. Not only that, but with their contemporary style and sophisticated color palate you’ll have that extra modern touch that can make any patio space feel brand new.

What good is a patio space if you don’t have an outdoor patio set to enjoy it with? With the pieces from this collection, you can have the stand-out space you’ve always dreamed of. From a large grey outdoor sectional to a compact aluminum side table, there is something to fit everyone’s style no matter the space. So don’t wait to make your patio the new focal point of your outdoor life!