What To Know When Creating Your Outdoor Oasis

What To Know When Creating Your Outdoor Oasis

5th Jan 2023

Backyard Products has been transforming backyards across America since 1975. Our main goal is to supply quality outdoor products that will assist in creating the outdoor space of your dreams. With well-known brands like Big Timber, Shed Liquidators, Swing-N-Slide, Tortuga Outdoor, and more, we have you covered whether you're searching for patio furniture, play sets, woodsheds, pergolas, studios, or small dwellings. Here is our approach to constructing the ideal summertime garden hideaway. Warm summertime weather means it's time to organize your home's outdoor area for activities like poolside parties, games, barbecuing, and dining. There are many ways to turn your backyard into a one-of-a-kind retreat, from building a patio or deck to establishing a seating area, adding gates and planters for seclusion, and adding a weatherproof dining table with cozy seats. Take a look:

Consider how you want to use the yard

While the front yard is always the focal point of a homeowner's landscaping, the backyard can be a private haven for rest, entertaining, and recreation. However, just because your backyard needs a makeover doesn't mean you can install a patio here and a garden border there as your budget allows. 

Rather, take a holistic approach to the area, considering everything from how you'd like to use the yard to how many hours you can dedicate to this project. The most important question is how you want to use the yard. Do you want a kids' play set for year-round fun? What about a patio for entertaining or a cozy retreat? Take everything into careful consideration. Start by looking around and figuring out the things you like and dislike about the area. Identify the salvageable items (for example, that oak tree that's stood the test of time) and the unsalvageable ones (such as a collapsing, decrepit deck). 

While at it, identify where the shed, garage, or any other permanent storage is located and whether it must be hidden or moved. Keep geographical factors in mind. When creating a backyard design, comfort and practicality are a must. While beauty is subjective because styles and tastes differ from one homeowner to the next, the basic principles of utility and comfort are shared by all. By considering these fundamental ideas at the outset of your design journey, you can ensure that your summertime garden has all the elements required for a lovely hideaway.

Focus on privacy 

The only thing keeping your backyard from feeling absolutely perfect is privacy. If you live in the city or suburbs, it can often be hard to find the right balance between openness and seclusion. Fortunately, adding privacy and improving your backyard living is made simple just by following a few easy steps. 

There are several ways to increase privacy in your patio or backyard, from towering fences and massive plant pots to bushes and even outdoor screens. If your porch is your only outdoor space, consider enclosing the openings with drapes for seclusion. If you reside in a city and have a patio, you should add huge plants, a pavilion, or a pergola. They can go a long way in making your space feel lived-in and personal. Big Timber makes wood pergolas, pavilions, and grill gazebos that are ideal for both tranquility and openness. Despite being free of walls, they still provide some privacy from nosy neighbors because of their wooden beams and columns. These traditional outdoor structures offer the ideal base for wisterias, passion flowers, and other climbing vines to wind and cling to, resulting in a slightly shaded area that's comfortable and enclosed. Modern pergolas have cutting-edge technology and wind, rain, and sun protection capabilities. 

Another option is to develop your own pergola, pavilion, or gazebo and have Big Timber build it for you. They can create a structure specifically tailored to meet your demands. Consultations can be held in person or online. The structure will be delivered and installed for you as well.

Set aside a place for your items 

As more individuals give into demanding family and job schedules, maintaining a tidy property and garage can occasionally feel like a battle. While the indoors might not be too hard, it’s easy to leave the garden or garage untouched. 

At one time or another, most homes have probably had a yard with overgrown grass or toys, bicycles, and various lawn care tools strewn all over. And don't forget, the driveway can become cluttered too with a basketball hoop, fertilizer that is months old, and sports gear. But don’t worry. Increasing your curb appeal doesn't require a major, pricey upgrade. Sometimes all your yard needs is a little additional space for storage, and everything becomes tidy. Consider getting a shed if your garage is not big enough for all your storage needs. Sheds are low-maintenance structures that serve more than just as backyard storage solutions. They help keep things organized and protected from harsh conditions, misuse, and pilferage. They also help raise the value of a home. 

Nowadays, homeowners are employing sheds in unprecedented numbers, transforming them into one-size-fits-all organizing and storage solutions. Shed Liquidators provide fantastic prices on high-quality sheds that also come with the installation. With just a few clicks, customers looking for storage solutions can get affordable sheds from the company's online store.

Create a conversation space 

By prioritizing privacy and tidying up your surroundings, you can achieve a conversation space that your family and guests will appreciate. A useful and peaceful outdoor area will promote togetherness and offer the chance to relax outside. Outdoor time is proven to benefit both mental and physical wellness. 

Spending a lot of time outside increases a person's likelihood of being healthy and happy throughout their entire life. Having a separate area for children and adults is important. A play set is advantageous because it allows parents to unwind while keeping an eye on their children as they play and soak in the sun. Swing-N-Slide specializes in creating durable and safe play set designs for the average homeowner. 

The brand's play sets are DIY, which means you can install them yourself using just a few tools in one weekend afternoon. They are created from string and rot-resistant cedar, redwood, or preserved pine and come pre-drilled, pre-sanded, and pre-stained ready to install. Adding a play set will help you take control of the backyard, giving your kids a place to play and yourself a place to relax and unwind.

Make sure to relax

Once you've established a play space for the children, you can sit and unwind as you watch your kids play. Unwinding in your summertime garden after a stressful day is a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh air and calm the mind. Just tidy the area, arrange comfy furniture, and add subtly calming color accents to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. At first, creating a serene garden layout may seem daunting. However, sometimes all you need is a few pieces of quality outdoor furniture to make all the difference. If you are looking for durable, comfy, weatherproof outdoor patio furniture Tortuga Outdoor has you covered. We have a vast collection of stylish items. 

Whether you are looking to relax, serve up delicious outdoor dining, or just need a place to entertain guests, you can find furniture to fit any need on our website. Extensive warranties are offered on each piece of furniture. So, if there is anything you are unhappy with just send it back for a refund no questions asked.

Bottom Line 

The task of turning your backyard into the ideal getaway for the summer can seem overwhelming. But hopefully, the above tips have helped you know how to approach the project. For the best backyard oasis products, check our website. Also, feel free to contact us directly for help. We would love to hear from you!